Alexei Sultanov's concerts, orchestra tours, recordings etc.





June 6               Winning the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition documentary film of Peter Rosen "Here to Make Music" by RCA Victor life

recording of the competition by Teldec

June 13            "Today Show" on NBC television

June 17            Kennedy Center Washington D.C

June 21            Johnny Carson Show on NBC television in Los Angeles

June 22           Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena California

July 12             Schleswig Holstein Music Festival with Yehudi Menuhin conducting   Festival Orchestra

July 18              Northwood Orchestra concert in Michigan Don Jaeger conducting

July 22            Interlocken Festival Orchestra in Michigan Kenneth Schermerhom conducting

July 23              Detroit recital,    Michigan

July 26            Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra in Great Wood Festival, Slams/aw Skrowaczewski cond.

July 27            David Letterman Show on CBS television in New York

July 27              Meeting with Vladimir Horowitz in New York, 14 East 94th Street at 21:00

August 7          Amsterdam recital at the Royal Concertgebouw Halle , Holland

August 10       La Roque D'Antheron Festival in France

August 30       Lucerne recital, Switzerland

Sept. 5           London recital in Wigmore Hall, England

Sept. 7              recording in London with London Symphony Orchestra and Maxim Shostakovich

Sept.9-11          Warsaw recital, Poland

Sept. 14          concert with Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra Leonid Grin conducting, Finland

Sept. 19          Berlin Festival, Germany

Oct. 3               Fort Worth recital USA

Oct 6                StJaul recital, Minnesota USA

Oct. 8               Portland recital, Oregon   USA

Oct. 13              concert with Springfield Symphony Orch. Raymond Harvey cond.   Massachusetts

Oct. 19             concert with Detroit Symphony Orch. Raymond Harvey cond.   Michigan

Oct. 24             Russian Festival in San Diego, California

Oct. 29              concert with Frezno Symphony Orchestra California, Lawrence Southerland cond.

Nov. 30             concert with San Antonio Symphony Gerhaidt Zimmermann cond.    Texas, USA

Dec. 11            recital in Bonn, Germany

Dec. 13           Festival Pro in Banhof Rolandseck, Germany

Dec. 14           recital in Herkulessaal Munchen, Germany

Dec. 17           recital in Hannover, Germany






Jan. 10             recital in Munich,   Germany

Jan, 28             recital in Carmel,   California   USA

Jan, 30             recital in Seattle, Washington state USA

Feb. 2               recital in Kahilu Theatre, Kamuela, Hawaii

Feb. 4               recital in Kauai, Hawaii

Feb. 6              recital in Brigham, Oahu Hawaii

Feb. 7              recital in Mililani, Oahu   Hawaii

Feb. 8                recital in Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii

Feb. 14              concert with New Orleans Symphony Orchestra   Raymond Harvey conducting

Feb. 23              recital in Denton, Texas USA

Feb. 25              recital in Krannert Center Urbana. Illinois USA

March 5             recital in Bonn, Germany

March 11             recital in Rotterdam, Holland 

March 15             recital in Barcelona, Spain

March 22             concert with Royal Philharmony Orchestra in London's Festival Hall England

April 19               concert with Rochester Symphony Orchestra Gilbert Varga conducting    USA

April 20               recital in Genesco, NY    USA

April 22               recital in Buffalo, NY     USA

April 30             recital in Amherst, Massachusetts   USA

May 3                 recital in Carnegie Hall New York, USA

May 5                 recital in Kennedy Center Washington DC USA

May 12               concert with Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra John Giordano conducting   USA

May 17              recital in Louvre Paris, France

May 18               recital in Zurich, Switzerland

May 20               recital in Milan's Music Conservatory,   Italy

May 22               recital in La Fenice Venice, Italy

June 10               Naantali Festival, Finland

June 30              recital in Los Angeles, California   USA

July 2                 Yamaha discklavier recording in Los Angeles California USA

July 8                 concert with Detroit Symphony Orchestra   Zdenek Macal conducting

July 10              concert with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra George Hanson conducting   USA

July 12                concert with Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra Jose Lopez-Cobos conducting USA

July 14               concert with Northwood Orchestra Don Jaeger conducting   USA

July 18                concert with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra  Neal Gittelman conducting

July 22                concert with Moscow State Orchestra in Munich Pavel Kogan conducting Germany

August 2            Helsinki Festival,   Finland

August 3           Joroinen Festival,   Finland

August 15         concert with Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam, Klaus Peter Flor conducting

August 25         Stresa Festival Theatre of the Conferences, Italy

August 30         Ludwigsburg Festival, Germany

Sept. 17            Berlin, Germany

Oct. 5-7             concert with Sacramento Symphony Orchestra Carter Nice conducting California

Oct. 10             concert with Boulder Symphony Orchestra   Oswald Lehnert conducting   USA

Oct. 12               recital in Fairfield, Connecticut    USA

Oct, 14             recital in Monroe, Louisiana USA

Oct. 19             recital in Kahilu Theatre. Hawaii

Oct. 21             concert with Maui Symphony Orchestra Jerry Martin conducting    Hawaii

Oct. 29             Yamaha discklavier recording Los Angeles, California USA

Nov. 7              concert with Northern Symphony Orchestra Hugh Wolffe cond. Newcastle England

Nov. 8                recital in Middlesbrough, England

Nov. 9              recital in Carlisle, England

Nov.10-17       Teldec CD recording in Berlin, Germany

Nov. 18              recital in Lugano, Switzerland

Nov. 21              recital in Hamburg, Germany

Nov. 26              recital in Lisbon, Portugal

Dec. 4                recital in Cardiff, Wales

Dec. 9                recital in Heelen,   Holland

Dec. 11               recital in Utrecht,   Holland





Jan. 7-9        City of Birmingham Orchestra Pavo Berglund conducting, England

Jan. 24        concert with Turku Philharmonc Orchestra Mr.Atzmon conducting.    Finland

Jan. 27            recital in Jarvenpaa, Finland

Jan. 30         concert with Helsinki Philharmony Orchestra Juka-Pekka Saraste conducting

Feb. 9-12          recital in Taipei, Taiwan

Feb. 15            Tokyo Symphony Orchestra  Suntory Hall, Japan

Feb. 17             Nagoya Philharrnony Orchestra Naoshko Totsuka conducting, Japan

Feb. 19             recital in Symphony Hall of Osaka, Japan

Feb. 20              recital in Fukuoka, Japan

Feb. 22              recital in Hirosima, Japan

Feb. 25              recital in Suntory Hall Tokyo, Japan

March 1            recital in Seoul, Korea

March 3            recital in Hong Kong

March 7            recital in Clearwater, Florida

March 9             recital in West Palm Beach, Florida

March 12           recital in New Haven, Connecticut

March 14           recital in Houston, Texas

March 15           Ravinia Festival, Illinois

March 20           concerts with New Orleans Symphony Orchestra Maxim Shostakovich conducting

March 28           concerts with Dallas Symphony Orchestra Eduardo Mata conducting

April 2                recital in Koger Arts Center Columbia, South Carolina

April 4                recital in Greenville, South Carolina

April 6                recital in Charlottesville, Virginia

April 8                recital in Bridgewater, Virginia

April 12-13       concerts with Austin Symphony Orchestra Sung Kwak conducting, Texas

April 14              concert with Austin Symphony Orchestra in Temple Texas

April 26             recital in Fresno, California

April 29              recital in Miami, Florida

May 3-6            concerts with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Morton Gould conducting

May 10             recital in Raleigh Durham, Massachusetts

June 3                recital in Maryland, Md.

June 22             concert with Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Anshel Brusilow conducting

July   2              recital in Scottsdale, Arizona

July   16-20      concerts in Charlevoix, Michigan   Don Jaeger conducting

Aug. 10-18      Teldec CD recording in Berlin

Sept. 21            concert with Louisville Symphony Orchestra Lawrence Leighton Smith conducting

Sept. 28            concert with Greensboro Symphony Orchestra Paul Anthony Mc J?ae conducting

Oct. 2                 recital in Corvalls. Oragona

Oct. 4               recital in San Luis Obispo, California

Oct. 6                recital in San Mateo, California

Oct. 8                recital in Santa Rosa, California

Oct   10             recital in Asheville, North Carolina

Oct. 11              recital in Covington, Georgia

Oct. 14              recital in Charlotte, North Carolina

Oct. 16              recital in Sandusky, Ohaio

Oct. 18              recital in Rock Island, Illinois

Oct 21               recital in Greenville, Texas

Oct. 22              recital in ?1 Paso,   Texas

Oct. 24              concert with Boulder Symphony Orchestra Oswald Lehnert conducting Colorado

Oct. 27              recital in Great Falls, Montana

Oct. 29              recital in Billings, Montana

Nov. 8-10          concert with Toulouse Symphony Orchestra, France

Nov. 20-21       concert with Lugano Symphony Orchestra Yoav Tahni conducting,   Switzerland

Dec. 20              recital in Athens, Greece






Jan.   25             recital in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Feb. 3-11          Teldec CD recording Berlin, Germany

Feb. 14              recital in Chatelet Theatre Paris, France

Feb. 19-21        concens with Helsinki Philharmony Orchestra Woldemar Nebson conducting

Feb. 22              concert with Oulu Philharmony Orchestra Osmo Vanska conducting Finland

Feb. 25               recital in Tampere, Finland

Feb. 27               concert with Kuopio Philharmonic Orchestra Perm' Pekkanen conducting Finland

March 7             recital in LafayetteXouisiana

March 9             Bayreuth Festival, Germany

March 15           recital in Sarasota, Florida

March 17           recital in Columbia Missouri

March 18           recital in Charleston, West Virginia

March 29           recital in Randolph, New Jersey

March 30           recital in Enlewood, Florida

April   2              recital in Collegville, Minnesota

April   4              recital in Lima Ohio

April   8             recital in Storrs, Connecticut

April   10           recital in Elmira, New York

April   13           recital in Bordentown New Jersey

April   20           recital in Rockf ord, Illinois

April   21           recital in Freeport, Illinois

April   23           recital in Carbondale, Illinois

April   24           recital in Jefferson City, Missouri

April   25           recital in Guthrie, Oklahoma

April   27           recital in Topeka, Kansas

April   28           recital in Atlama.Georgia

April   30           recital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

May    6            recital in Scranton,     Pennsylvania

May    9            concert with Mansfield Symphony Orchestra Jeff Holland Cook conducting

May    30           concert with Houston Symphony Orchestra Zdenek Macal conducting Texas

Sept.23-26        concerts with Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Yoshimi Takeda conducting

Oct.   1-4           concerts with New Orleans Symphony Orchestra Maxim Shostakovich conducting

Oct.   11            concert with Napa Valley Symphony Orchestra Asher Raboy cond.. California

Oct.   17            recital in Duncanville, Texas

Oct.   20            concert with Waco Symphony Orchestra Stephen Heyde conducting, Texas

Oct.   24            recital ai Kennedy Center Washington DC

Nov.   6             conceit with Springfield Symphony Orchestra Raymond Harvey cond. Massachus.

Nov.  15            concert with Palm Beach Symphony Orchestra, Florida

Nov. 21-22       concert with Binghampton Symphony Orchestra John Covelli conducting,   NY

Nov.    24          recital in Hopkinsville, Kentucky






Jan.    6              concert with Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Peter Larsen conducting,   Finland

Jan.    9-10        concerts with Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra John Giordano conducting

Jan.    12            recital in Chico, California

Jan.    14            recital in Ukiah, California

Jan.    17            recital in Glendale, California

Jan.    19            recital in Wilmington, North Carolina

Jan.    21            recital in Macon, Georgia

Jan.    23            recital in Coral Springs, Florida

Jan.    24            recital in Orlando, Florida

Jan.    26            recital in Huntsville, Alabama

Jan.    27            recital in Palm Springs, California

Jan.    29            recital in Lancaster, California

Jan.    30            recital in Everett, Washington

Feb.     I             recital in Hoquiam, Washington

Feb.    3             recital in Klamath Falls, Oragon

Feb.    5             recital in Laguna Hills, California

Feb.   12            Rundfunk Sinfonie Orchester in Berlin's Shauspielhaus Manfred Honeck conduct.

Feb.  17-18       with Tulsa Philharmony Orchestra in Guthrie Bemhard Rubinstein conducting

Feb.       20        recital in Aiken, South Carolina

Feb.       25        recital in Wheelings, West Virginia

March    4          recital in Kahilu Theater Kamuela, Hawaii

March    7          recital in Lihue Kauai, Hawaii

March    9          recital in Hilo. Hawaii

March    12-13  concerts with Warsaw Philharmonc Orchestra Andrzej Straszynski conduct. Poland

March    15        recital in Istanbul, Turkey

March    18        concert with Noordholland Philharmony Orchestra in Harleem, Lucas Vis cond.

March    19        concert in Hoofddorp with Noordholland Philharmony Orch.   Holland

March    22        recital in Amsterdam, Holland

March    26-27  concerts with Florida West Coast Symphony Orchestra in Sarasota Paul Wolfe cond.

April       2          recital in Springfield, Illinois

April       10        recital in Anchorage, Alaska

April       13        recital in Reno, Nevada

April       23        recital in San Louis Obispo, California

May       15        recital in Memphis. Tennessee

June       29        concert in Meyerson Center Dallas, Texas

July        9          recital in Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Holland

July        12        recital in Athen's Amphitheater, Greece

July        24        recital in Mikkelli Festival, Finland

Sept.      10        concert with Duluth Symphony Orchestra Гаато Virkhaus conducting, Minesotta

Oct.       3          concert with Mansfield Symphony Orchestra Ottvio De Rosa conducting, Ohio

Oct.   9-10         concerts with Greenville Symphony Orchestra David Pollitt conducting, SC

Oct.  18            recital in Las Vegas, Nevada

Oct. 21-22       concerts with Tuscon Symphony Orchestra Robert Bemhard conducting, Arizona

Nov.  7             recital in Chads Ford, Pennsylvania

Nov.  20-21     concerts with Fresno Philharmony Orchestra, Kate Tamaikin cond., California






Jan.  3-7            recitals in Bermuda, Great Britain

Jan.  12-15        Tivoli festival with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra Peter Etrup Laisen cond. Denmark

Feb.   26            recital in Mankato, Minnesota

March    3          recital in Greenwood, Mississippi

March  10          concert with Kuopio Symphony Orchestra GunrerAyfca/ conducting, Finland

March  11          concert with Tapiola Symphony Orchestra Tuomas OUila conducting, Finland

March    17        concert with Oulu Symphony Orchestra Peter Lilje conducting, Finland

April    16          recital in Grants Pass, Oregon

May       7          recital in Newport News, Virginia

Sept.15-16     concerts with Boulder Philhaimony Orchestra, Oswald Lehnert conducting

Sept.  25       concert with Evansville Symphony Orchestra Alfred Savia conducting, Indiana

Sept. 29-30  concerts with Noordholland Philhaimony Orchestra in Haarlem, Holland

Oct.   15          recital in Iowa City, Iowa

Oct.   21-22   concerts in Columbia with South Carolina Symphony Orchestra Nicolas Smith con.

Nov.   10          recital in Sacramento, California

Nov.  18-19    concerts with El Paso Symphony Orchestra Gurer Aykal conducting, Texas

Nov.      22       recital in West Palm Beach Kravis Center, Florida






Jan.  28         concert with Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra John GosUng cond.,South Carolina

Jan.   14           recital in Rapid City, South Dakota

Jan.   16           recital in Zanesville, Ohio

March    31      concert for Dallas WRR classical music radio, Texas

April  26-27   concerts with Helsinki Philharmony Orchestra Alexander Lazarev cond., Finland

May  6-7       concerts with Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra Mariana Gabbi cond.. New Mexico

August  31    concert with Dallas Symphony Orchestra Ken-Lynn Wilson cond., Texas

Sept.26-Oct.20  winning the 13th Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw, Poland . Documentary film of Aleksandra Padlevska "Point of View" by Polish TV life recording of the competition by Technics со.

Nov.  9          concert with Polish Radio Orchestra in Warsaw Wojciech Rajski cond.,Poland Nov.       

10                   recital in Bydgoszcz, Poland Nov.       

11                   recital in Poznan, Poland

Nov. 13     concert in Ansbach, Germany with Polish Chamber Orchestra W.Rajski cond.
         Nov.  15      concert in Quakenbrack, Germany with Polish Chamber Orchestra
         Nov.  16      concert in Stade, Germany with Polish Chamber Orchestra
         Nov.  17      concert in Emden. Germany with Polish Chamber Orchestra
         Dec.     15-16         concerts with Ankara Symphony Orchestra Guhrer Aykal conducting, Turkey

Dec.       23       recital in La Scala Theatre Milan, Italy






Feb.       16        recital in Stuart, Florida

March    3         recital in Springfield, Illinois

March   18        recital in Sapporo, Japan

March    21       recital in Hamamatsu Act City Hall, Japan

March    28       recital in Metropolitan Arts Space Tokyo, Japan

March    30       recital in Osaka Symphony Hall, Japan

March    31       recital in Kioi Hall Tokyo,

Japan life  recording of the recital by  Arts Core со.
         April       2           recital in Kioi Hall Tokyo,

Japan life recording of the recital by Arts Core со.
         August     30      concert with Philharmony of the Nations in Hamburg Justus Franz cond.
         Sept.       27           recital in Los Alamos, New Mexico

Oct.       8             recital in Warsaw, Poland

life recording of the recital by International Chopin Foundation
         Oct.        12          concert with Poznan Philharmony Orchestra Grzegorz Nowak cond., Poland

Oct.       18-19    concerts with Istanbul Symphony Orchestra, Turkey

Oct.       22          recital in Katowitze, Poland

Nov.      10          chamber music concert in Fort Worth, Texas

Nov.      28          concert in Essen, Germany with Philharmony of the Nations Justus Frantz cond.

Nov.         29        concert in Kassel, Germany   with Philharmony of the Nations

Nov.      30        concert in Bieiefield. Germany with Philharmony of the Nations

Dec.       1          concert in Frankfurt's Altem Opera with Philharmony of the Nations

Dec.       3          concert in Munster, Germany with Philharmony of the Nations Justus Frantz

Dec.       4          concert in Wuppertal, Germany with Philharmony of the Nations

Dec.       5          concert in Musikhalle Hamburg, Germany with Philharmony of the Nations

Dec.       7          concert in Balingen, Germany   with Philharmony of the The Nations

Dec.       8          concert in Koln, Germany    with Philharmony of the Nations

Dec.       9          concert in Boblingen, Germany   with Philharmony of the Nations

Dec.       10        concert in Gersthofen, Germany with Philharmony of the Nations

Dec.       14        concert in Stadthagen, Germany with Philharmony of the Nations

Dec.       15        concert in Aachen, Germany    with Philharmony of the Nations

Dec.       17        concert in Rendabeng, Germany   with Philharmony of the Nations

Dec.       19        concert in Weimar, Germany   with Philharmony of the Nations






Feb.       15        concert with Augusta Symphony Orchestra, Georgia

March    2          recital in Taichung, Taiwan

March    6          recital in Taipei, Taiwan

March    9          recital in Kaoshung, Taiwan

March    14        recital in Seoul. Korea

March    16        recital in Hyogo, Japan

March    18        recital in Tokyo Metropolitan Arts Space, Japan

March    26        concert with Japan Philharmony Orchestra, Masahiko Eokoji, conducting, Japan life recording from the concert by Arts Core со.

March    29        recital in Nagoya, Japan

March    30        recital in Osaka, Japan

March    31        recital in Sapporo, Japan

April       3          recital in Kumamoto, Japan

April       7          recital in Finlandia Hall Helsinki, Finland

April       10        concert with Kuopio City Orchestra, Frank: Shipway conducting, Finland

April       13        recital in Tampere, Finland

April       16-17 concerts with Helsinki Philharmony Orchestra, Victoria Zhadko cond. Finland

April       20        recital in Jarvenpaa, Finland

April       24        concert with Lahti Symphony Orchestra, Finland

May       9          recital in Miami, Florida

July        23        concert with Athens Philharmony Orchestra, Yuri Simonov cond., Greece

Oct.       19        recording with ГММЕ со (Japan) of Jewel CD in Dallas, Texas

Oct.       28        recital in Jacksonville, Florida

Nov.      11        concert with Kuopio City Orchestra, Also Almila cond., Joensuu, Finland

Nov.      12        concert with Kuopio Ciy Orchestra in Kuopio, Finland

Nov.      13        concert with Kuopio City Orchestra in Tampere, Finland





Jan.        16        recital in Stuart, Florida

Jan.        17        recital/concert with Gainesville Symphony Orchestra, Ramond Chobaz cond. Fl.

April       15        recital in Goethe Center Dallas, Texas

April       24        concert for WRR classical music radio station in Dallas, Texas

May       6          recital in South Bend, Indiana


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